MAGIC WAND - Transparent

Mascaras, eye and glue lashes… Every lady likes to use them for an amazing looking eyes full of passion and energy. But with daily use, eyebrows and lashes will start falling but now you can have the eyelashes that you’ve always dreamed for. With Magic Wand Serum from Joelle Paris. A Clinically proven conditioning serum which enhances the appearance of sparse, thin eyelashes to reveal thicker, longer and nourished lashes. Its unique formula transforms eyelashes to give you a beautiful, healthy looking eyes. Available in black and brown color.
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Every lady is looking for a natural lips filer that they can use whenever they want and get celebrities lips look. What a pout…. Better than surgical injections and fillers. A plumping Lip Gloss that creates full bee-stung lips with a side of clear, balmy shine lips that looks natural with volume boosting for amazing look. The effect of the gloss starts appearing after 3 minutes from using the lip gloss and the effect sustains with regular use that will give longer and more effective treatment then injected fillers.
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Nourishment & Face Lift. Fast absorbing designed to give fresh look. Innovative cellulose sheet masks with unique ingredients mixture that leaves the skin shining and glowing like gold from the first use. The cellulose sheets mask provides moisture-rich formula reveals a visibly radiant and crystal clear complexion – and its firming action targets the forehead and t-zone to give you a strikingly, more contoured facial profile. For all skin types 5 masks/pack
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It's more than body contouring cream. Super model from Joelle Paris is a revolutionary cream that is designed and formulated epically to meet the needs and requirements of MENA region women body style to give you all the confidence of a fitter looking body. Comments : - 1 pump per body area - Keep on massage for 5min each area until get skin red, to boost blood circulation and to fight against stubborn fats under the skin and Skin Texture. - You may feel 20min of redness feeling on the area depends on sensitivity of skin ( Max. 45min ) is quiete normal - Do not wash it off. Fast absorbing. Once a day Usage - Never use after waxing/threading/scrub/hammam. Never use after sunburn For all skin types 150 ml
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Golden bronze body shimmer highlighter, for a super-bronze glossy tanned perfection look.
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